Safety. Professionalism. Confidentiality. Efficiency.

“Trezor Group” is the first and unique cash center in Macedonia, whose main activity is withdrawal, keeping, processing and delivery of cash from company’s daily operations.

The company aims to be the first partner of confidence for its clients and meet their needs efficiently, safely and in a fast way and open new opportunities by offering new easily accessible financial services. It is devoted to be one of the best financial institutions in our country and the region.
The company’s goal is to improve the banking operation by implementing technical knowledge from the very first day and the work of the professional staff and modern technology in order to achieve continuous quality.


The transport of daily turnover from sale points is carried out by secured vehicles and professionals of the “Perpetuumobile” company.

The turnover processing is carried out in secured premises according to the highest safety standards by professionals certified by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. The machines used for processing are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, a world leader for this type of machines (Glesecke & Devrient, GMBH, Germany) which are certified by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia.
The process continues with quick payment of the turnover amount to your accounts in business banks. The processing fees for daily turnover are reduced and such turnover amount is kept in a highly secured and protected safe deposit box.

• Cash delivery • Coin processing • Coin delivery • Exchange of cash of various denomination • ATM loading • Keeping of valuable items
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